We’ve all seen these concept keywords: sustainable, ethical, eco-friendly, natural. But what about 3R?

3R stands for REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. Originally created in the context of waste management, it is believed that this slogan was born in the 1970s when Congress increased recycling and conservation efforts as the country noticed that waste was becoming a bigger issue. With the fashion industry’s not-so-great history with the environment, including accounting for a large percentage of the world’s carbon dioxide output, or being a significant contributor to the 300 million tons of plastics produced each year, there is an urgent need for change. Reducing, reusing and recycling are all simple practices available for immediate application, starting with the clothes and materials we already have. 

In the context of style and fashion, repurposing allows opportunities for recreation, and adding new value to things once believed to have exhausted its original purpose. With the alarming waste production levels in the fashion industry, there is an increasing need to promote more sustainable but still stylish options. At Maison Soyenne, this concept was applied to our first 3R project; intersecting the idea of reduce, reuse and recycle with style and originality, our first upcycling experiment with Levi's Denim Apron was born. 

First of many projects to come, more 3R applied innovations like this will hopefully promote more eco-consciousness and sustainability between the fashion industry and its consumers. For the planet, this means wasting less water, energy, and decreasing waste and pollution. Whether in the fashion space or not, our hope is for everyone to have in mind the 3R concept to continue finding creative and stylish ways to reduce, reuse and recycle in our everyday lifestyles.