Food insecurity has been a persistent issue that has a history of global impact, and has only seen a rise in the recent Covid-19 pandemic situation. According to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 10.5% of all US households experienced food insecurity at some point in 2019, even before the pandemic hit. With households with children, people of color, and communities affected by national inflation being affected the most, the United Nations World Food Program is calling upon collective action to mitigate the impact of this global issue. 

Just in Los Angeles County alone, there are an estimated 2 million people who experience food insecurity. Since the 1970s, Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, a non-profit organization, continues to work to mobilize resources by sourcing, acquiring and distributing food through partnering agencies and programs. Food and essentials are distributed to children, seniors and families in need to help alleviate hunger with the help of their staff and volunteers. With their mission to make a significant impact, they distribute roughly 4 million pounds of food on a weekly basis, reaching about 900,000 people each month through partner agency networks and direct service programs. 

Maison Soyenne has proudly donated a portion of proceeds to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank to help fight food insecurity. With every $1 to the LA Food Bank providing up to 4 meals to people in need, we look forward to continuing providing more meals to our local communities and beyond to help end world hunger.