General Care
  • Do not wear jewelry to the pool, spa, or the beach. Remove when sleeping, exercising, or doing other physically strenuous activities.
  • Avoid contact with perfumes, body oils, and other chemicals, including household cleaners. Do not use chemical jewelry cleaners.
  • Any residue dulls the shine of your jewelry, keep away from extreme temperatures and humidity.
  • Always wear your rubber or metal safety backs with your earrings to prevent loss.
  • Gently polish with a soft, lint-free cloth. Do not use products like tissue paper or paper towels, as they can cause scratching. Do not use a metal polishing cloth.
  • Keep and store your jewelry away from the sun and in a cool dry place.
  • Always wear your rubber or metal safety backs with your earrings to prevent loss.


925 Sterling Silver Jewelry 

  • Sterling silver is an alloy made of 92.5% pure Silver and 7.5% Copper.
  • Excessive sunlight, oxygen, and moisture in the air will tarnish sterling silver jewelry, so be sure to properly store your jewels when you’re not wearing them.
  • Just be sure to minimize your jewelry’s exposure to the chemicals in sweat, personal care products, and pools and hot tubs.
  • Keep your jewelry away from the sun and in a cool, dry place.
  • The best way to store your sterling silver pieces is in a small Ziploc bag. Place your sterling silver jewelry in a small Ziploc and seal all the air out. Alternatively, you can also purchase anti-tarnish bags to store your jewelry in.
  • Clean your sterling silver jewelry with warm soapy water.  When it comes time to clean your sterling silver, mix lukewarm water with a mild soap in a bowl, and let your jewelry soak for a few minutes. Dry it with a soft, lint-free cloth.
  • A silver cleaner can be used on pure Sterling Silver pieces, but not 18k Yellow Gold Vermeil or 18k Rose Gold Vermeil.
  • Sterling Silver is delicate and may be damaged if not handled with care.
  • Our jewelry is protected with an anti-tarnish solution, but may wear with time and improper care.

Fine Jewelry
  • Wash your Maison Soyenne Fine Jewelry with gentle soap, rinse well with lukewarm water and dry completely with a soft cloth, lint-free to keep jewelry looking shiny and lustrous. 
  • Using jewelry dips or polishes is not recommended as they may contain harsh abrasives.
  • Maintain your jewelry’s shine by avoiding contact with agents such as perfume, lotion, makeup, hair & cleaning products.
  • Always remove your jewelry before swimming and exercising. Store your Maison Soyenne Fine Jewelry in its pouch or lined box for safe keeping.