Maison Soyenne embodies "laid-back cool” inspired by minimalism and simplicity, thoughtfully designed and delicately crafted in Los Angeles,

 Blending streetwear fashion with an elegant touch, the nature of Maison Soyenne encourages effortless styling for urban chic. “Cultural diversity” and the cross-generational philosophy inspire our line. The aesthetics of Maison Soyenne marries vintage and modern, but also remains androgynous with an infused whimsical edge.

 Our signature slogans are subtle, engaging and fun with a sense of humor. It allows our Maison Soyenne community to develop an emotional connection on different levels and to stand firm for what we believe in with a calm and strong voice with simple words on a garment.

 Life chapters separated by continents - Asia, Europe, and North America - Alix's trilingual and multicultural background plays an important role in her unique vision for Maison Soyenne. Her eye for design has global influence, and her color theory paints a distinctive and universal palette.

 Specially dyed, washed and distressed by hand in Los Angeles. All pieces are delicately crafted, each garment has a sophistication and singular personality. We are dedicated to use all natural, eco-friendly, and reusable materials for the planet.

 Giving back to the community is our mission, and we proudly donate a portion of proceeds to fight hunger.





Born in Seoul, South Korea, Alix grew up embracing art, fashion, and craftsmanship that was influenced by her father, Park Jong Seung, a well-known and respected abstract painter.

After an extensive education in Fashion Design, graduating from Seoul Women's University and continuing her studies at the elite and prestigious Studio Berçot, Paris. Alix also received a French Language degree at Sorbonne University in Paris.

With two creditable Fashion Design degrees, Alix began her career at Maison de Claude Montana, designing for the haute couture collections. She then returned back to Seoul to design for South Korea's leading luxury fashion company, The Handsome Corporation, as Head Designer. A career opportunity from Los Angeles, California, prompted Alix to make another big move. She left Seoul for Los Angeles to continue her expertise as a Creative Director. Loving the laid-back bohemian lifestyle of LA, she made Los Angeles home. Alix finally decided to take the leap and launched her own label, Maison Soyenne.